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Stahl Holdings- Leading Automotive Leather Chemicals and Performance Coatings

Stahl is a customer-focused company that specialises in providing high quality chemicals, dyes and coatings for leather, as well as flexible and non-flexible substrates for performance coatings, textiles and related products.

Stahls' products are applied in automotive, upholstery and fashion products, as well as in industrial applications and have been well-recognised internationally for many decades already and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality. It is in the company's DNA to provide a high level of technical service to its customers through on-time delivery of innovative quality products and processes while operating safely and in harmony with the environment.

Truly global

Today, Stahl operates eight manufacturing sites and some 30 strategically located technical service laboratory facilities world-wide and employs some 1,250 people in more than 28 countries many of whom are engaged in basic research and development of new products and processes. More than one quarter of them are dedicated technical experts based at application laboratories offering top-level local custom-made service on a global scale.


With over 80 years of experience, Stahl is a world leading company in the treatment of leather related products. The world's foremost leather technicians work side-by-side with leading fashion experts to develop products that are of superior quality and design and are appreciated by leading fashion and automotive brands worldwide.

0For decades Stahl has been cooperating in strategic development programs at many of the major OEMs, as well as tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. As a result, Stahl offers the unique skills set that will allow bringing more harmony and balance in both the performance and the aesthetic requirements for coatings and finishes used throughout the auto interior.
Stahl supplies virtually all automotive leather manufacturers worldwide and their market leader position means that they work very closely not only with the OEMs, but also with tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.

Custom made: Tanning, colouring and leather finishes

Stahl offers unique skills that balance both the performance and the aesthetic requirements for coatings and finishes used throughout auto interiors. In close co-operation with customers and their specialised leather technicians, Stahl develops custom made leather tanning, colouring systems and finishes. With application labs that can perform the same performance tests as its customers, Stahl is always able to meet even the strictest requirements.

Their combined expertise in application and formulation technologies allows for the creation of a wide range of customised leather finishes that cover touch, aesthetics and durability, but remain versatile enough to allow the OEMs present in the luxury car market to create a 'personalised' interior car impression.


Thanks to their status as market leaders, Stahl attracts the best technicians from the industry for both the automotive market. They can apply the latest technologies and trends, developed together with their R&D department to ensure first-time resolutions and quicker lead-times. They frequently work together with OEMs in the development of a concept car to design the perfect leather solution that matches the requirements of the client.


7Stahl works as a competent partner throughout the entire supply chain to constantly keep up with the technical and economical challenges. They offer a unique water-based product range called Permutex® with state of the art coatings and adhesives for synthetic flexible substrates. Stahl prides itself on its NMP-free waterborne product solutions that offer environmental friendly alternatives to solvent-borne coatings to meet today's environmental requirements.

Stahl products have excellent UV stability and solvent resistance, combined with good flexibility and soft-touch haptic with inherent low-squeak and low-noise performance. They can now also offer a complete solution for a light-weight fully polyurethane based synthetic material that aligns perfectly with its natural equivalent. Stahl is an expert in colour-matching solutions, to flawless matching both leather and synthetic interior design parts of the vehicle.

Dedication to R&D

Stahl attributes much of its success in its products to its investment in research and development by dedicated automotive experts. They aim to resolve issues like squeaking and soiling, as well as investing in the development of new products to reduce weight, without compromising quality.


Stahl remain fully committed to keeping their R&D department as strong as possible to meet ever changing and more complex requirements from the industry.

Environmental Stance

The automotive industry faces considerable challenges with respect to the environment, Stahl works very closely with its customers and OEMs to constantly try and reduce the weight of the products applied in the vehicle, but without compromising on quality and durability.

Stahl employs a dedicated R&D department to constantly look for substitute ingredients that have a lower impact but maintain the company's strong ethos on quality.


Stahl Holdings b.v.
Sluisweg 10
5145 PE Waalwijk
Tel:+ 31 416 689 111
Email: odila.sibrijns@stahl.com
URL: www.stahl.com