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Innovation - An Integral Part of Saint-Gobain's DNA

Published 15 January 2015 | By Saint-Gobain Sekurit

Innovation is an integral part of Saint-Gobain's DNA. It has marked its history and lies at the root of the reasons why today the Group can be confident about the future:

The first major achievement by Saint-Gobain has left an indelible mark on the world's heritage: the 357 mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles. Innovation is the key to the Group's survival. Saint-Gobain has adapted to successive industrial revolutions by inventing new, more efficient and faster manufacturing processes. It has continuously offered new solutions to meet its customers' needs.
Saint-Gobain remains perpetually in a forward-thinking mode and concentrates its efforts on inventing increasingly innovative materials. One product out of four sold by Saint-Gobain today did not exist five years ago.

For Saint-Gobain, innovation is not an end in itself. It is without meaning unless it accompanies the changes the world continually undergoes:

The day-to-day has changed and will continue to change thanks to Saint-Gobain. Today, the Group supplies the laminated windshield for one out of every two cars in Europe. Many electronic devices also owe their existence to the high-performance materials Saint-Gobain designs and develops.
To change the world is also to allow it to go further. Today, the Group even sends its high-performance materials into space. With the Curiosity rover on Mars, Saint-Gobain has become a flag-bearer for a rapidly evolving world, ready, perhaps, to discover other planets.
For Saint-Gobain, the most important change that the world must embrace is sustainable habitat. Because it knows that it is possible, the Group applies all its energy to finding new solutions to build better and to build sustainably.

Innovation reasserted as the driver of growth

From glass casting to the conquest of space, the men and women who work for Saint-Gobain have consistently pushed back the boundaries to keep the company one step ahead.

The Group's ambitious Research and Development policy contributes to changing our day-to-day, which is evolving rapidly and permanently. To anticipate these changes, the Group forms new research partnerships, especially within its Saint-Gobain University Network (SUN), which launches projects with universities the world over. Working with talent from around the world provides the assurance of delivering a precise response to local challenges, because buildings are not built in the same way in China and Germany. In the United States, Saint-Gobain offers a complete range of specific products for North American homes. Saint-Gobain develops specifically designed pipes for hot, dry countries.

Saint-Gobain's innovations are part of your day-to-day life. You can drive in complete safety because Saint-Gobain invented laminated glass for windshields that prevent getting cut if the glass shatters. In Europe, one out of every two cars is fitted with Saint-Gobain windshields and windows. The plane you take for business travel or vacation probably has radomes made by the Group. The train you catch on the weekend is probably insulated with Saint-Gobain glass wool. Many electronic apparatuses also owe their existence to high-performance materials designed and developed by the Group. Saint-Gobain solutions were undoubtedly used to build your house or apartment building: materials that are more efficient, longer lasting and easier to install, such as external insulation systems, tile cements and even the pipe networks.