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Precision Iceblast - Leaders in Surface Cleaning & Preperation

Precision Iceblast Corporation provides services all across North America. Through years of hard work and determination they have built up an impressive clientele of companies scattered all across the United States. Precision Iceblast Corporation has been contracted to perform work in most industries such as automotive, food, printing, paper, tape, marine, military, restoration, and manufacturing.

CO2 blasting the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today

Their system uses high velocity streams of dry ice to clean, strip, or prepare surfaces for painting. This technology has now become the safest, most environmentally safe, and "cleanest" method to clean a surface.

The new technology of CO2 blasting is the modern alternative to chemical cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting, steam cleaning, manual scrubbing, scraping, and hand tooling, and is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today. CO2 blasting is typically much faster than these other methods. Because of the reduced time frame, reduced labor costs, and reduced cost of material disposal, great savings are passed on to customers.

The CO2 cleaning process requires a liquid CO2 supply, a pelletizer, a blasting unit, a 750/250 compressor and a dryer system. Precision Iceblast's entire unit is completely portable and fully self-contained. This allows them to access almost any area without using any of your utilities.

Their people are certified in confined space and knowledgeable in lead abatement and working at elevations. They are also experts in containment, which allows them to blast near production areas. Precision Iceblast employees undergo extensive safety training and the company holds an impeccable safety record.

Ice blasting meets EPA, FDA, and USDA guidelines

Cleaning with dry ice is simply the safest method for cleaning or preparing a surface for recoating. First, ice blasting is completely non-abrasive. This characteristic allows materials such as steel, concrete, plastic, glass, or rubber to be cleaned without causing any damage to the surface. Also, by simply adjusting the air pressure, CO2 cleaning allows the option of either cleaning a painted surface or stripping the paint completely off of the surface.

Secondly, ice blasting is a dry process. Therefore, ice blasting can be used to clean electrical components and it is completely safe around bearings. Furthermore, CO2 blasting is FDA Food Grade Certified and upon contact will kill bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, etc. Cleaning with CO2 also contributes to moisture reduction which aids in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Ice blasting meets EPA, FDA, and USDA guidelines. Because our media is simply carbon dioxide (what we breathe out), we can blast near products and work while facilities are in operation without worrying about causing contamination.


Ice blasting has revolutionized the way companies are cleaning in the automotive industry. They have been contracted to remove such contaminants as oil, grease, weld slag, adhesives, ink, dirt, dust, rust, carbon, soot, paint, mold, and cellulose insulation. The following is a partial list of items that Precision Iceblast Corporation has been responsible for cleaning:

  • Robots
  • Assembly Lines
  • Paint & Spray Booths
  • Conveyors / Pallets
  • Motors
  • Trays, Risers, Clamps
  • Weld Guns & Tip Dressers
  • Light Screens
  • Man Fans
  • Ovens
  • Ceilings & Walls
  • Floors
  • Moulds, Dyes
  • Control Panels
  • Ductwork
  • Presses
  • Carrier Units
  • Steel Beams & Framework
  • Support Columns
  • Overhead Piping
  • Tanks, Silos
  • Hoppers, Bins

Surface preparation and applying coatings

Ice blasting does a superior job preparing surfaces for painting because it provides the "cleanest" surface available. When dry ice is blasted across a surface, the dry ice molecule penetrates deep into any pores, profiles, grooves, or crevices until it makes contact with the inner most surface.

At this point it sublimes and expands 800 times its size thereby removing any possible contaminant not just on the surface, but deep within the surface. This deep clean is revolutionizing surface preparation because the cleaner the surface, the better a coating will bond, and therefore, the longer it will last.

In addition, ice blasting removes all microorganisms and oils as well which can contribute to paint failure if they are not removed. Coatings can be applied immediately after the surface is ice blasted because it is completely dry. If the surface is already wet, ice blasting will dry out the wet surface. Collectively, these characteristics of ice blasting provide the cleanest possible surface for applying a coating, as well as the best surface for the paint to bond. These qualities, compared to other methods, produce the greatest longevity for the paint's lifespan.

Precision Iceblast's system is the most aggressive system in the country. They use high-density pellets which are, substantially more aggressive than shaved block ice, blasted at 300 psi which ensures that all necessary materials are removed from the surface and further paint failure will not occur underneath the new coating. This very high-pressure is essential in providing adequate surface preparation. Their equipment is highly specialised and modified to achieve and sustain these high-pressures.

Because so much of their work is surface preparation, they provide customers a complete package by offering them painting services as well. Precision Iceblast Corporation is very experienced in applying coatings and has applied their expertise in this area to ships, walls, ceilings, tanks, structural steel, equipment and more. Some customers may have in-house painters or long term relationships with painting contractors so Precision Iceblast Corporation are happy to perform surface preparation regardless of whether they are contracted to paint or not.

Environmentally Safe

Dry ice may be white in colour, but it certainly has strong "green" quality; with the world focused intently of the environment, CO2 blasting can boast being one of the most environmentally safe methods for cleaning. The dry ice upon impact with a surface vaporises and returns back to its natural state in the atmosphere.

This results in no waste products to clean up other than whatever material that is removed from the machinery that has been cleaned. This is environmentally significant because ice blasting eliminates harmful chemicals, hazardous materials and totally removes the enormous task of cleaning up the cleaning material residue. This efficient method of cleaning allows us to pass our financial savings on to the client.


Precision Iceblast Corporation
801 Maple Street
N3908 Highway 41
MI 49893
United States of America
Tel: 011 906 864 2421
Email: info@precision-iceblast.com
URL: www.precision-iceblast.com