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EFD Induction – Induction Heating Equipment, Systems and Services

EFD Induction is one of the world's largest and best known developers and builders of induction heating solutions for the global automotive industry. Particularly strong in the area of induction hardening of auto components, EFD Induction also has a proven track record in devising bonding, brazing and pre- and post-heat systems for automotive customers.

Proven expertise in devising solutions for a range of bus, truck and off-road vehicle types

Most of EFD Induction's automotive solutions are used to manufacture mass-produced vehicles. However, several legendary, high-end marques and/or their tier one suppliers rely on EFD Induction systems to treat parts to the most stringent specs. EFD Induction products are even used to heat a critical component found in the majority of modern Formula One cars.

Gear Hardening
EFD Induction's patented simultaneous multi-frequency hardening in action. The process achieves true contour hardening of small gears in well under a second. Note the absence of through hardening in the teeth.

EFD Induction also has proven expertise in devising solutions for a range of bus, truck and off-road vehicle types, including tractors and tracked bulldozers. Many repair and maintenance workshops also use EFD Induction systems -- especially the compact and mobile Minac converter -- for chassis straightening, brazing, shrink fitting and other applications.

Cost-cutting induction hardening

EFD Induction is best known within the automotive industry for its hardening systems, thousands of which are currently in use around the world. The parts hardened by EFD Induction equipment include valves, steering racks, crankshafts, gears, camshafts, shift forks, tulips and CV joints. Backing such equipment systems is a worldwide network of EFD Induction factories, workshops and offices. Many automotive industry customers also utilize EFD Induction's services in order to maximize the productivity of their hardening systems. Such services include preventive and corrective maintenance, operator training and logistics support.

The automotive industry is famous for its ability to drive down costs while at the same time improving the performance, safety and environmental impact of the vehicles it makes. EFD Induction contributes to this trend by incorporating the latest technical advances into its hardening systems. For example, EFD Induction's patented Multi Frequency Concept (MFC) helps optimize the contour hardening of gears with complex geometries.

Crank Shaft Hardening
A robot type crankshaft hardening system. Like all EFD Induction crankshaft systems, the robot type is modular. Such modular layouts are not only proven solutions, they also mean short delivery and commissioning leadtimes.

Another example of EFD Induction's cost-cutting innovation is the active power variation featured in its crankshaft hardening machines. This feature dynamically adjusts the system's power in accordance with the crankshaft's angle of rotation during heating. The result is minimized distortion, as active power adjustment limits heat seepage. The feature also enables inductive fillet hardening -- a process that contributes to making smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient engines.

A third example of cost-reducing innovation at work is EFD Induction's camshaft hardening technology. Hardening the closely spaced lobes on such shafts is a challenge. When the distance between the lobes is less than 7 mm, heat transfer can easily preheat the next cam to be hardened, or temper an adjacent cam that has already been treated. EFD Induction has perfected a proven 'package hardening' method that ensures successful hardening of closely spaced lobes. The method uses three different induction coils to simultaneously heat the inlet, outlet and injector lobes. Each coil is independent, with its own power supply. This means that the heating process can be adjusted to suit each lobe.

Induction bonding

EFD Induction full-ring and spot bonding systems are used by several leading automakers to cure the sealants and adhesives used to join door, hood and trunk panels and other components. A recognized pioneer in the use of induction technology for bonding, EFD Induction works closely with carmakers to develop solutions for joining today's advanced composite materials.

Aluminium Brazing
The speed and controllability of induction brazing make it ideal for joining aluminium parts. Here, induction brazing ensures, strong, water-tight joints for automotive air conditioning components.

Induction brazing

EFD Induction's brazing systems are widely used to join the aluminium parts of automotive air conditioning units. Other uses include the brazing of short-circuit rings for small electric motors, and the brazing of steel and copper elements in brake linings and fuel injection pipes.


EFD Induction
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