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World Class Automated Assembly


A global leader in developing sustainable automation processes and services for various industrial sectors, from automotive and railways to renewable energy, COMAU has been revolutionising manufacturing paradigms for close to 40 years.

COMAU Powertrain Systems manufactures and delivers powerful standardized solutions designed to automate the entire engine production process, from metal cutting to assembly and product testing.

Its versatile assembly modules for engines (cylinder heads, short and long blocks), transmissions (automatic, manual, single or double clutch) and components are engineered and dimensioned for mass production or parallel operations, and enable organizations of any size to deploy a cost-effective lean manufacturing solution that is flexible enough to complete the entire assembly process in less than a minute. The SmartCell Comau assembly module, for example, replaces an entire assembly line (which can consist of several machines) with a single, sophisticated and highly efficient machine. It requires less than 225 m2 of floor space and can be reconfigured to assemble a different part or a different type of transmission in a matter of days. This is significant given the volatility of today's market.


The latest assembly evolution from COMAU is the new SmartCube Comau manufacturing system featuring the most advanced technologies from robotics and integrated assembly systems in a simple, robust and extremely efficient lean manufacturing solution. SmartCube Comau resumes Comau modular assembly concept consisting of four main products: SmartRob Comau, a standard, automatic assembly station that is lean manufacturing compliant and able to fit most powertrain assembly processes; SmartBox Comau, a serial assembly module primarily used for the cylinder head; SmartCell Comau, a parallel assembly station that is ideal for low-medium volume automated assembly of components requiring tight tolerances, and SmartMan Comau, to meet the needs of manual assembly operations.

SmartCube Comau is a fully standard solution that optimizes production flows in order to reduce working capital and streamline lead time. It can be standardized from manual to semi-automatic or automatic, robotized, serial and parallel cells. This level of standardization is important, as companies can employ the same cost-effective assembly solution anywhere in the world, making spare parts management easier and less expensive. In fact, SmartCube Comau was created to help lower manufacturing costs while increasing overall quality and performance.

Other benefits are extreme flexibility and scalability. Lines can be designed to process different types of parts and SmartCube Comau's components can be easily modified to support future changes in engine production. SmartRob Comau, for example, can be retooled with minimal investment or easily refurbished to support a successive version of the same or similar engine or mechanics dock. SmartCube Comau is also completely scalable. There is no need to disassemble the system when requirements change, and adaptation is easy, fast and inexpensive. This enables customers to quickly align production capabilities to meet changing market demands.

The capital investment required for a new assembly line can be significant, as are the operating expenses to support and maintain multiple stations. COMAU's SmartCube is the exception. SmartCube Comau not only reduces upfront costs of a new assembly line, but significantly reduces lifecycle costs while providing increased productivity and higher overall quality. With SmartCube Comau, different products can be assembled along the same standard station, access to components is straightforward and tool changing is quick and easy. The lean manufacturing configuration improves material logistics, reduces Work In Progress and is environmentally friendly through the application of eCOMAU® energy-saving methodology. More importantly, SmartCube Comau is highly adaptable making it the ideal solution for today and tomorrow's manufacturing needs.