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eCOMAU: Engineering Highly Efficient Sustainability Processes


For close to 40 years, COMAU has been delivering expertise and assistance in advanced automated engineering all over the world thanks to the strength of more than 23 operating centers across 13 countries able to supply products, services or highly complex automation systems.

This level of excellence has evolved to include a commitment to environmentally responsible engineering solutions for today's fast-paced industries. eCOMAU specialises in helping companies implement highly efficient, sustainable process-automation solutions that reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions in manufacturing and production processes.

eCOMAU designs and develops green automation solutions in material handling, welding, painting, metal cutting and assembly systems that optimise performance while lowering the overall environmental impact and ensuring short-term payback. Our comprehensive approach includes detailed process analysis, process optimisation and the implementation of engineered solutions and energy monitoring systems. eCOMAU also improves existing processes by integrating turnkey engineering solutions that enable companies to reach increased energy efficiency and produce tangible energy savings results.


eCOMAU's highly specialised team of experts operates in three primary areas: consultancy; Green-FitTM engineering process modifications; and design and development of sustainable "Plug and Save" solutions. Helping customers comply with their environmental responsibility goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner is a core part of eCOMAU's mission. Whether designing a new manufacturing and production process, or improving an existing one, our solutions-oriented approach is backed by fully integrated capabilities in the design, development and implementation of product, process and service solutions.

The eCOMAU Energy Efficiency Team follows a proven approach when tuning and optimising energy savings solutions. Starting with an analysis of the energy consumption parameters and the implementation of a metering system, we then develop an economic and technical simulation of the proposed solutions which is reviewed and discussed with the client before moving to the implementation and monitoring phase of the final solution. The result is a reliable, customised strategy to lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

eCOMAU specialises in Green-Fit engineering consultancy and process modifications. Green-fitting existing processes allows clients to meet EN16001 targets and objectives in a cost-effective manner while limiting the consequences on production flows and without the need to completely rework the machining and industrial processes already in place. After a thorough assessment of the entire process, from power and consumption measurements to cycle diagram analysis and yearly worked hours, the eCOMAU team designs and implements an intervention strategy that is based on both a performance and payback analysis. Once launched, the strategy is backed by continued monitoring and analysis of the new consumption measurements to ensure the savings objectives are being met.

COMAU is the 1st Italian industrial company EN16001-certified and assures Best Available Techniques application on all its general services. We are also actively involved in the development of eco-efficient products and services that meet the specific needs of our clients. By utilising the most advanced sustainable technologies, coupled with our longstanding industrial expertise, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and economical solutions for virtually any industrial application. Additionally, eCOMAU's "Plug and Save" solutions are commercially available as part of the extended COMAU product offering, from robots equipped with C5G Control Units, to the SmartDrive Comau product family and the Versaroll assembly line system.

Now, more than ever, customers are looking at environmental responsibility as part of their overall selection criteria. Pollution control, cleaner production and eco-efficiency are three primary targets to improve overall environmental sustainability. By helping you cost-effectively achieve increased energy efficiency and support your EN16001 certification efforts, eCOMAU can help you augment your competitive position in today's changing market.